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I am a Stockholm School of Economics student with an entrepreneurial mindset, loving both business and tech. A few years ago, I started my own web agency, giving me experience in both marketing, sales and web design.

My ultimate goal is to always exceed expectations,
so what can I do for you?

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I am a Stockholm School of Economics student with an entrepreneurial mindset, loving both business and tech. A few years ago, I started my own web agency, giving me experience in both marketing, sales and web design.

My ultimate goal is to always exceed expectations,
so what can I do for you?

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About Me

I am an entrepreneurial tech nerd with interests within marketing, psychology and web development that is not afraid of testing new things, weather it is food or something else.

Currently, I am studying my second year of my bachelor in business and economics at Stockholm School of Economics. Beside my studies, I run my own web agency, helping both small and large firms to get the most out of the online opportunity.

Except working hard on my professional assignments, I also try to improve myself as a person. I have recently discovered mindfulness for example, which I completely love.

Do you find something on my website to be strange, or do you want to get in contact with me? Don’t hesitate to use this website to send me an email, or just give me call (I love getting calls!), and maybe we can meet and enjoy a lunch together.

Key Skills

In the majority of the projects I have worked with, creativity is a dominant part. Without it, it is difficult succeeding as a web designer.

Practical example:
The process around my app idea Körkortskampen, which resulted in a concrete solution to increase learning about driving skills and laws for youths is one example. There is a longer story, but I save that til we meet..


I completely love problem solving. Well, sometimes I hate the problem, but there are almost nothing funnier than solving a real complex problem. My motto is that you don’t have know everything yourself, since you can Google how to solve thing today; This is a part of the process!

Practical example:
At one of my larger clients, I always face different problems and bugs in the code. It is not developed by me; In fact, I am the fourth developer working on the site. This makes it even more difficult to solve problems, since you have to deal with another person’s code. Until today, I have not faced a problem I have not been able to solve.

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to have internal motivation factors; Otherwise one will not last long. I seldom find things boring or non-interesting, which indeed helps me.

My definition of internal definition is finding an inner power to motivate yourself to finish something just to finish it, which means you don’t always have a personal gain in finishing it.

Practical example:
I believe starting your own business is a great example of showing that you are good at finding internal motivation. An other example is that I have chosen to study on a University, where the personal responsibility is one of the greatest challenges; Nobody will care if you miss a lecture or fail an exam, which makes it all about motivate yourself.

My fantastic colleges at Vimmerby Tidning taught me how to sell. Not the bad kind of selling, forcing stuff on others, but the good kind, trying to identify and match needs. This is where I understood how important it is to have this ability, the ability to sell; Not only products or services, but also myself. I find it both super fun and educational, as no phone call or meeting is the same.

Practical example:
After my first three months at Vimmerby Tidning (Swepress), I had sold my yearly budget.

Except my academic background in web design, I do have a massive interest in the subject. I have 5 years of practical experience when it comes to web design.

I do have several successful projects in my portfolio where multiple clients can certify my competence in understanding customers’ and visitors’ needs; It’s all about putting yourself in other peoples’ perspectives.

Practical example:
Every satisfied customer and successful project within web design can be considered great examples where I show my competence in the area. A specific example is when I helped Hudvårdskompaniet with re-designing their e-commerce and helped them with some marketing, resulting in an over 50% increase in sales.

What Other People Say

Except creating your own opinion or reading about what I write about myself, what about what other people say?

“”Less is more” and Felix is a true example of this statement. First time I meet Felix he replied to exactly what I requested, no more and no less and with a very humble approach. Then when he started deliver upon my request he delivered quality way high above my expectations and still with the approach, “less is more”.

What I really like with Felix is that he continues to exceed my expectations and always deliver excellent results. I have a long experience working with senior people all over the world and I must say that Felix is absolutely one of the more senior people I´ve had the pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend Felix as a business partner.”

Dennis Larsson

CEO, Moso International AB

I have been working with Felix in a couple of projects and it’s always been a pleasure. He is really easy to communicate with and his jobs always ends up beyond my expectations. I would strongly recommend Felix for his dedication, knowledge and innovative ability.”

Felix Eriksson

Co-founder, Tallkvisten Fastigheter AB

[SWE:] “Felix Nilsson har på uppdrag av Aina May skapat företagets webbsida med tillhörande webbshop. Felix har visat prov på utomordentliga färdigheter när det kommer till att lyssna in kundens önskemål och behov. Han har därefter byggt upp vår webbsida från grunden.

Felix har egenskaper som pålitlighet, punktlighet, kompetens kring ämnet, tillgänglighet, hög servicegrad samt en genuin problemlösare vilket har hjälpt oss att snabbt komma i ordning med vår verksamhet. Han har visat på starkt engagemang för uppdraget och gått in med hela sin kraft för att uppfylla våra önskemål samt kommit med kontinuerliga förbättringsförslag under resans gång.

Utöver Felix färdigheter inom webbdesign och programmering är han en väldigt lätt person att samarbeta med. Han är trevlig, social, framåt och ambitiös. Han visar även på ett genuint intresse för uppdraget och tar sig an det med nyfikenhet och professionalism.

Vi på Aina May kan med värme rekommendera Felix Nilsson.”

Frida Stierna

Owner, Ainamay


Hudvårdskompaniet AB

Hudvårdskompaniet sells cosmetics and skin care products online through their e-commerce I have developed for them. I also have a ongoing duty to maintain the site and take strategic decisions concerning marketing.

Drottninggatan 11

Drottninggatan 11 is a small guest house in beautiful Boden. On their website, visitors may make a reservation for a room after receiving information of the different kind of rooms. There is also a multi-language functionality, making it easier for foreign guests.


Ainamay is an amazing company which makes the world a better place as they produce and sell environmentally friendly bed sets. They only use material that would otherwise have been thrown away in their production!


If you want help with the digital potential out there, please visit my company page or just contact me down below.


Work Experience


Fecani Media

Since graduation from high school, I have run my own business. It all started when the deal between me and STR AB concerning my app idea Körkortskampen became a fact. Since then, I have tried multiple things; Mostly because I believe it to be good from a creativity perspective. I have however always run my firm as a web agency majority of the time.

Here are some of the things I have tried:

– I have worked as a freelancing project leader and account manager
– I have designed and produced a physical, ad-funded calendar which was sent free of charge to over 10 000 house holds in my home municipality
– I have build a digital marketing service for local, unique stores
– I have run, and currently is running, a web agency


Prosales Institute AB

At ProSales, I am currently working as a freelancing Chief of Information Officer. My primary responsibilities are development and operation of the company’s websites and communication tools. It can cover all from connections to different API:s and problem solving, to acting as a sounding board for future development of the company’s tools.

Account Manager

Swepress Media AB

Swepress run, among others, the local newspaper in my home town Vimmerby (yes, I share hometown with Astrid Lindgren, how cool?). This is where I had my first sales job, as I worked with selling ads in multiple papers. My first assignment was to find new potential customers, and with guidance from fantastic people in the company I managed to sell my yearly budget within a couple of months. I also managed to finish in top three when it comes to sales volume in one of the larger papers in my first year (with a majority of completely new customers).

This is where I learned the basics of how real sales works and the importance of relationer to one’s customers.

Project Leader

Sveriges Trafikutbildares Riksförbund AB

During my last year at high school, I came up with a pretty good business idea where I wanted to make the theoretical process when taking your driving license in Sweden more fun and easier to learn. With help from ALMI Företagsparner I sold the idea to Sveriges Trafikskolors Riksförbund, who creates educational material for the majority of driving schools in Sweden. Using gamification, we made it funnier for youths in Sweden to learn driving license theory.

I worked as a part-time freelancing project leader for STR during two years in combination with my web agency. My responsibilities were to come up with a time plan, economical budget, wireframes as well as being part of the communication between all different parts of the projects. As a 18-year-old, this can be considered as a major challenge; It was indeed, but it was also extremely fun and I learned a lot.


Business & Economics, 180hp

Stockholm School of Economics

Technical Prepatory Year, 45hp

Linköping University

Practical Project Management, 7.5hp

Stockholm University

Webbdesigner, 60hp

Högskolan Väst


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